Patients who have reduced or no hand/arm function due to hand injuries, spinal injuries, amputations or hand tremors are unable to use the existing nurse-call buttons to get the attention of the healthcare staff in hospitals, rehabilitation centres and frail care centres. We have developed an alternative nurse-call button that can be operated using the patient’s palm, chin, foot or other part of the body.

The Qbell™ is a simple press device that enables the patients to get the attention of healthcare staff with ease, preventing agitation and frustration of the patient trying to press a small button on conventional devices or alternatively, being unable to attract attention.

The device uses the same power socket outlets as conventional devices so no electrical modifications are required. The Qbell™ has the potential to positively improve the healthcare experience of people with severe motor and physical disabilities.

“We have been using the Qbell™ at Aurora Hospital over the last year and are happy to recommend Qbell™ for use in rehabilitation units and facilities where people with severe motor disabilities are being cared for” – Dr Campbell